Golden Apples

By Stephen Allison aka “The Orb”

      1)       Trapeze

2)       Go into the “bunny ears” hold by placing your thumb on the trapeze loop then popping the yoyo in between your thumb and finger

3)       Do a reverse slack trapeze in the bunny ears hold. To do this, pinch the loop with your middle and index finger to make slack, then throw the slack clockwise into the yoyo’s gap. Don’t let go of the slack yet.

4)        Place your throw-hand index finger into the right bunny ear loop, then remove your thumb. Now do the same for the left bunny ear, but place your free-hand thumb in the loop and remove your index finger. This will remove the slack.

5)       Swing the yoyo clockwise, over your throw-hand. Stop swinging once the yoyo is under both your hands.

6)       This next step is hard to describe with words, but I’ll try my best: When you look down at the mess your holding in your hands, look at your free-hand index finger. There should be two strings on top of it, and two strings below it. Also, the bottom string furthest from you should be wrapped around the top string closest to you. Take your free-hand thumb, and place it UNDER the top string closest to you, just to the left of the wrap.

7)       Now that your thumb is in place, let go of the loop on your free-hand index finger

8)       There should now be a loop on your free-hand thumb, and three strings in between the yoyo and your throw-hand index finger. Just below your throw-hand index finger two strings will be on the right side of your finger and one string on the left side. Put your free-hand index finger in between these strings, then pull your free-hand index finger to the left. This should make a new loop.

9)       There should now be two loops, one on your free-hand thumb and one on your free-hand index finger. Place the loop on your thumb into the yoyo’s gap, then let the loop off of your thumb. This is kind of like a houdini drop, but easier.

10)   You will now be in something that sort of looks like a trapeze, but there are two mutations in the gap. To get rid of the first mutation, pinch the loop in your free-hand index finger to make slack, then swing the string clockwise behind the loop. For the second mutation, swing the string counterclockwise in front of the loop. If you can get rid of both mutations quickly and smoothly, it will look nice. After this step, you will be in the same position as the end of white Buddha

11)   Make a slack loop with your throw-hand, and swing the loop clockwise around the yoyo.

12)   Take your free-hand index finger off of your thumb, then move your finger under your thumb and place it right where the loop meets the string on your thumb.

13)   Swing the yoyo onto the middle string, then let go of everything on your free-hand. You will now be in something like a wrist mount, but not quite

14)   Now spread out the bucket with your free-hand thumb and index finger and pop the yoyo the left out of the bucket.

15)   This next step is just like man on trapeze with his bro. Keep the yoyo swinging, then stick out your throw-hand index finger and let the yoyo wrap around that and onto the string you just created. POP OFF THE YOYO TO THE RIGHT IMEDIATLEY! If you let the yoyo sit on that string it will die quickly.

16)   Now the yoyo is swinging to the right under and in front of both your hands, but instead of letting the yoyo swing around, use the yoyo’s momentum to swing it above your hands, then behind the string formation your holding, then swing down under the formation, then back up in front but only half way so that the yoyo is in between the two strings in the formation, then let the yoyo fall onto the bottom string.

17)   This should look familiar, you’re just about to get into a green triangle. Let the string on your wrist fall off and there you are.

18)   Pop the yoyo up behind the top string to get out of the triangle, return the yoyo and you’re done!